Wash Packages

We offer the same great wash packages at both locations.

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Soft-Touch Conveyor Wash

A trip through our state-of-the-art automated soft-touch wash system starts with spray-on presoaks that dissolve stubborn grease and grime. Next, our specially formulated biodegradable detergents gently wash away dirt and road salt. Finally, choose from a selection of deep cleaning conditioners, polishers, and protectants that create and seal in a beautiful high-gloss shine.

Self-Serve Detail Center (103rd Street Only)

Before or after you run your car through the wash, take advantage of the Self-serve Detail Center at our South KC location. This professional center features 12 Omega detailing units with vacuum, shampoo, spot remover, and air tire fill; floor mat cleaners for both rubber and carpet; and a vending machine offering 51 separate items, such as air fresheners, towels, and glass cleaners.

The Detail Center accepts money and “Car Wash 103 Tokens” (tokens purchased at the auto cashier with a car wash).

With the power and convenience of the 103rd Street Detail Center, you can leave with a car that’s as clean inside as out!

Self-Serve Gas Station (Main Street Only)

At our Midtown self-service station, you can conveniently fill your tank with premium gasoline if you purchase a car wash. To provide our customers with the lowest possible price for fuel, Car Wash 103 buys unbranded premium fuel from the same sources as major oil companies.

Please take a moment to read our Gas Purchase Policy.

Car Wash 103 Gas Purchase Policy

If you want to purchase gas, you must first buy a car wash. We are a car wash that sells fuel as a convenience to our wash customers. This policy helps us avoid the traffic congestion that would result from people stopping just for gas. Car washes purchased at the gas pumps at our Main Street location are not redeemable at our 103rd Street location.